Corporate Editing

While the majority of my corporate editing work is through Midlothian Web Solutions, a company I co-founded because text can matter just as much as tech on the web, I still occasionally freelance for business clients who need an extra pair of eyes on their communications.

Precision matters. Consistency of voice and tone is what defines a brand. Knowing your audience and truly connecting with them through the language you use makes all the difference.

My book, Get a Grip on Your Grammar, has a section devoted to business communications, because it’s harder than it seems sometimes. But that’s where having a valued partner comes in.

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Corporate Editing Levels:


The simplest of misspellings or the forgetting of punctuation is easy to do, but these errors make even well-crafted communications come across as sloppy and unprofessional. A proofread reviews grammar, spelling, punctuation, and basic clarity, enabling your audience to discover your message not your typos.


Having a copyeditor allows you to feel more confident about the words you put out into the world. Beyond proofreading, copyediting examines your message for its content and style, checking for consistency and accuracy, and enabling the communication to be easy-to-follow and error free. Writing that holds attention and clearly communicates your ideas is essential.


Sometimes you know what you want to say, but you aren’t saying it as well as you could. Beyond proofreading and editing, when I wordsmith, I take your rough draft and rewrite it. I focus on the tone of your brand, the expectations of your audience, and elevating the total language to maximize its effect.


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