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It’s Time to Communicate with Respect, Everyone (Video)

Communicate with Respect VideoAt different points in world history, the writers among us have picked up our quills, our papyrus, our scrolls, our pens, and our keyboards, because something needs to be said. But you know what’s awesome about this moment in history? We are all writers.

Respect. It’s a concept we need to internalize to bring our words of passion into words that can elevate the world rather than ones that tear it down. Let’s step it up a notch, people.


 Writing Tips

Word choice matters. How you build your sentence with punctuation is about more than just decorating with ink squiggle confetti.
We owe it to ourselves and to everyone who sees our written words to get it right. All right?

(If you’ve noticed I’m missing a few numbers, no, it isn’t a problem with this writer’s counting ability. Many of my tips were pulled from my website, but never fear. You can find them in my writing tips source-book, Get a Grip on Your Grammar, which was published by Career Press in 2017.)


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Authors on Editing Interviews

In 2017, in celebration of the launch of Get a Grip on your Grammar, I launched a new blog interview series with talented writers working across multiple genres and forms, from fiction to nonfiction to poetry to business writing to journalism and more. No matter what you write, you’ll learn a lot from their insights on their editing processes. (New interviews added every month.)

Why do we write?

There are so many answers to that question. In my opening address of the James River Writers Conference in 2010
in Richmond, Virginia, I had the chance to give mine.

What’s your answer? I’d love to hear all about it.

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