The Novel Editing Workbook

Finishing your book is awesome. Finishing your editing is what makes all the difference.

Looking for an editing guidebook that will help you take your work-in-progress to the next level? Look no further.

The novel editing process is your opportunity to tweak, cajole, twist your words like licorice, and buff the imperfections out of your sentences until they shine like new. It’s your chance to transform that first draft that trickled out of your fingers and onto the page, turning your story into the book you want it to be.

Whether you’re planning to traditionally publish or go the indie publishing route, self-editing is essential before any next steps. But don’t just do the job most of the way. “Most of the way” won’t sell your book.

Writing a novel is an intimidating idea, but you know what? You did it. How amazing is that? Now finish the job. The Novel Editing Workbook is your resource to make it happen.

Now available (ebook and paperback) wherever books are sold!



“A must-have workbook for anyone ready to write a novel or about to edit one. Kris Spisak’s first-person approach makes readers feel as though they have a writing coach looking over their shoulders. Her down-to-earth style to editing will make what most writers consider drudgery an absolute pleasure!”

-Ann Marie Sabath, Author of Everybody Has A Book In Them: How To Bring It Out

“This is the second time Kris has written a book that’s helped my career. She asks the hard questions that authors need on the path from idea to publication, while respecting your unique method of thinking and writing. Kris understands that writing is work, but it doesn’t have to be a disorganized grind — and this book gave me a framework I could use to edit faster, more accurately, and in ways I hadn’t considered. Get this book. Make a list. Get rid of “suddenly” in your manuscript. You’ll thank Kris for all three and become a better writer.”

-Author of thirty-two novels, Terry Maggert

“When you’re staring at a messy mountain of your own prose, Kris Spisak is the kind, wide-eyed mountaineer handing you a hiking stick, water bottle, and map. Keep The Novel Editing Workbook on your desk as a guide through the wilds and you’ll come out with a polished novel on the other side.”

-USA Today bestselling romance author, Lee Savino

“Moving from the triumphant mess of a first draft to a polished and publishable finished product can challenge even the most experienced writer. And as a teacher of writing, helping students to understand the how to’s of revision, especially for long works, is equally complicated. Author Kris Spisak has written a book that offers a welcome hand. With her confident and optimistic tone, Spisak is the writing coach we all want beside us as we tackle what can seem an impossible task. So whether you are a seasoned novelist or just starting out and trying to complete your first book, The Novel Editing Workbook is an invaluable tool to have at your side.”

-Novelist, Essayist, and Creative Writing Teacher, Patricia A. Smith

“Kris Spisak brings her signature wit and can-do spirit to this guide brimming with practical, hands-on advice. From big picture restructuring to line-editing polish, Spisak’s suggestions will help both the novice and the already-published revise their next manuscript and make it shine. A must-read and a fun read!”

-A.B. Westrick, author of Brotherhood