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“Is it a dash or a colon here? Should I write first person or third? Is it already or all ready? In this handy manual, grammar guru Kris Spisak offers us her thoughts and tips on the writing questions that dog every writer’s life. You’ll want to keep a copy on your desk.”

-Meg Medina, NYT-Bestselling Author and Newbery Award Winner, Author of Merci Suarez Changes Gears, Burn Baby Burn, and so many more

“Kris Spisak’s delightful, breezy take has dark powers that give a [grammar] rookie like me fingers instead of left thumbs, light instead of fog.”

Kevin Smokler, Author of Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies

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“A must-have workbook for anyone ready to write a novel or about to edit one. Kris Spisak’s first-person approach makes readers feel as though they have a writing coach looking over their shoulders.”

-Ann Marie Sabath, Author of Everybody Has A Book In Them: How To Bring It Out

“This is the second time Kris has written a book that’s helped my career. She asks the hard questions that authors need on the path from idea to publication, while respecting your unique method of thinking and writing. Kris understands that writing is work, but it doesn’t have to be a disorganized grind — and this book gave me a framework I could use to edit faster, more accurately, and in ways I hadn’t considered. Get this book. Make a list. Get rid of “suddenly” in your manuscript. You’ll thank Kris for all three and become a better writer.”

-Author of thirty-two novels, Terry Maggert

Book Club Fiction

Follow Me Deep - a novel - book club fiction by Kris Spisak

Nesting Dolls:

a novel

(coming soon)

When their Ukrainian grandmother is lost on a trans-Atlantic Flight, a Pinterest-addicted supermom and her Bohemian sister are swept into a quest across eastern Europe to find the woman who had always told more tales than truths.

From Poland to Slovakia to Hungary and beyond, Larissa and Ira navigate the steps of Ukrainian folk dance, the cliff-side paths of Slovak Paradise National Park, and the stark realities of surviving in absolute isolation, all for the sake of chasing who they’re starting to believe is a true Baba Yaga.

Understanding their family’s roots has never been more clear.

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Follow Me Deep - a novel - book club fiction by Kris Spisak

Follow Me Deep:

a novel

(coming soon)

Everyone assumes that Gloria murdered her boyfriend, and she’d much rather embrace this assumption than admit the truth of what really happened. Working as the cotton candy girl at a Depression-era fairground deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, she expects the shunning of her neighbors, but she has no idea how far a generation bent on “survival of the fittest” will go.

In the present day, Mattox works in Lakeside Strip Mall, where she’s learned a fairground once stood. She’s new to the area, seeking an escape from her old life of high tech revolutions and lies, yet rumors swirl around the old house she’s purchased, rumors that build it up as a shrine of hatred that still mark it as a target for vandalism. Her embrace of a technology-free, old Appalachian lifestyle isn’t enough to keep them protected. The discovery of the true story of her house’s former occupant secures her fate—for the better or the worse, Mattox is scared to find out.

Follow Me Deep is Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants meets JP Delaney’s The Girl Before.

More details coming soon.