Writing Tip 140: “Hunger pangs” vs. “Hunger pains”

Hunger pangs vs hunger painsGrowing pains are legitespecially when they star Kirk Cameron and young Leonardo DiCaprio—but “hunger pains” are less so. Have you been saying and writing this idiom correctly?

The proper phrase is “hunger pangs.” What is a “pang” you ask? Why a brief feeling of emotional or physical pain, of course. Confusing? Absolutely.

The muddle over the “hunger pangs” vs. “hunger pains” is understandable, but when there’s a correct answer, you’ve got to go with it.

You might have back pains, growing pains, or pains in the neck, but you don’t have “hunger pains.” Unless there’s major malnourishment involved, “pang” is the word you need.

Happy writing and bon appetit!