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Just finished your book, but you don’t know if it is as brilliant as it could be? Wishing another pair of eyes could review your manuscript before you send it off to the literary agents in New York? Preparing to self-publish, but you want a professional editorial review before you take the big plunge? Aiming for a small press, and you know your novel needs to stand out amid so many other submissions?

Whether you are nervous about your story structure, your pacing, your characters, your dialogue, your word choice, your comma usage, or simply making sure each page is as polished and professional as possible, I can help.

K. S. Writing, LLC was founded in 2010 with a dual focus: helping writers elevate their manuscripts and helping businesses seize the power of well-composed communications online. However, in 2015, when I partnered with Frank Petroski to create Midlothian Web Solutions, these two concentrations split, and K.S. Writing became dedicated primarily to writers and other groups who have stories to tell and messages to share—though, I do tackle corporate editing beyond the web world from time to time.

My clients have gained literary agents, landed major publishing deals, won awards, and hit Amazon bestseller lists.

Today, through K. S. Writing, I offer editorial services for works of primarily fiction—specializing in literary fiction, “book club” fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and romantic suspense, as well as YA (young adult) and middle grade novels. In addition, I offer wordsmithing and ghostwriting services.

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Book Editing Levels:

Manuscript Critiques

Everyone needs a beta-reader—someone to examine the finished book as a whole. Are the characters believable? Does the story begin where it should? Does the plot work? Is it structured successfully? Is the point of view effective? Long before copyediting or line editing, before the final proof, projects can greatly benefit from the perspective of an unbiased reader—better yet when that unbiased reader is a professional editor. Manuscript Critiques produce a 10+ page analysis of your book, breaking down what is done well and what could be better.

Substantive Editing

This heavy editing process is designed for a writer who isn’t looking for a developmental edit but who wants more than a line edit or proofread. A substantive edit involves an examination of clarity, logic, structure, and pacing, as well as plot, character, and setting development. But it also dives deep line-by-line, recording notes on word usage, tone, style, voice, and total writing strength. Commentary will be given on a page by page basis, and a multi-page project critique will also be included.

 Editing Prices:


What does this actually mean for your project? Editing prices vary depending on manuscript length and editing level, among other factors. A specific estimate for your manuscript can be provided upon request. Discounts are available for students, teachers, non-profit employees, military personnel, members of James River Writers, and return clients.

Contact me today for specifics, and let me know when you’re ready to get started!