Writing Tip 137: “Flare” vs. “Flair”

Flair vs FlareKatniss Everdeen might have costumes with “flare,” but unless flames are leaping from someone’s clothing, perhaps the word “flair” is what you might be looking for. Confused? Read on.

I’ve caught this typo a few times lately, so I wanted to pause and spend some time with it.

  • “Flare” can be a noun or a verb, most commonly referring to the display of fire, a sudden burst of flames, or the action of the erratic burning. It can also refer to a sudden burst of emotional heat or a spreading outward (e.g., flaring tempers or a flaring skirt).
  • “Flair” is a noun, referencing unique style or a natural talent.

You’ve got flair? Awesome. I really hope you don’t have flares. That’s not a good thing.

Be careful when writing with mood lighting, folks.