Writing Tip 119: Spigot vs. Spicket

Spigot vs. Spicket

The earth laughs in flowers…especially when your spigot is working.

When you’re referring to your outdoor faucet, are you using the right word?

Is it a “spicket”?

Or is it a “spigot”?

Think fast. How do you spell it? How do you pronounce it?

How confident are you in your guess?

“Spigot” is the correct answer. Did you get it?

“Spicket”—though commonly said and written—is not actually the commonly accepted spelling of the word. This confusion dates back to the Middle English “spyket,” according to Merriam-Webster though, so I wouldn’t feel so bad about it if you had it wrong. There’s some history in that mistake. It doesn’t make it right, but there is some history there.

But now you know, right?

Back to watering your garden? Good luck with your weeds and your words.